Yasir Hussain And Zaid Ali Are Daddy Goals

Yasir Hussain And Zaid Ali Babies

Yasir Hussain and Zaid Ali Tariq are now parents to two beautiful boys. We send them a lot of prayers and blessings for happiness 🙏. But these two daddies are our daddy goals.

Proud fathers of Baby Kabir Hussain and Baby Iyzhan Ali Tariq are two great names in themselves. But the way they are breaking stereotypical standards of fathers in the society is pure class.

Yasir Hussain time to time is seen appreciating, loving, and uplifting his wife, Iqra Aziz for everything. He often pushes her forward on her brilliant work as an actor, as a friend, and now as a mother.

Recently Yasir Hussain takes it to the gram and shares cute videos and pictures of Kabir and Iqra spending quality time together.

Zaid Ali Tariq recorded his little one’s arrival in a vlog. His support for his wife Yumna through labor is immense. He is also a big supporter and is all in all a family man.

We adore these two daddies so much.

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