Why We Love Mehreen’s Character in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay

Mahira Khan - Hum Kahan Ke Sachay thay

The novel “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay” is a masterpiece by Umera Ahmed. Like All her novels, the characters are well crafted into the stories with details and traits. In HKKST, the character of Mehreen Mansoor is absolutely the most beautiful one we have seen after Falak Sher Afgan from Shehr e Zaat.

Mahira Khan plays the role of Mehreen Mansoor in the adaptation of the novel. She is doing such a fantastic job and is a delight to see on the silver screen yet again.

Here are 5 reasons to adore Mehreen Mansoor in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay.

1- Simple And Sophisticated

Mehreen Mansoor lost her father due to unforeseen circumstances. Her father adores Mehru a lot of suicides after being addicted to drugs and corruption in the Government office. His passing away leaves a heavy burden on young Mehreen. As she is hated and disliked. But her simplicity and sophisticated behavior will leave you pleased. She is always dressed in a simple pastel-shaded shalwar kameez, neatly tied hair in a braid, and her big frame glasses.

The scene where she sits on the top of the bus and glazes off in the wind is a beautifully directed shot.

2- Powerful and Passionate

Mehreen Mansoor, an orphan, an unwanted, unloved personality is not a “bechari”. She claps back, she has answers and she will not take bullshit from anyone. She is compelled to hate Mashal (Kubra Khan). But she likely doesn’t hate anyone. Her passion for her studies, art, and Aswaad boil right out of your screens.

3- Understanding and Intelligent

Mahira Khan is a delight to see on screen as her auora in every scene is on point. Her cast as Mehreen Mansoor is perfect, as her expressions, body language, and emotions in the eye shift parallel to who she speaks to, who is she with and how she needs to cover her miserable life.

The scene of her with her mother, Rabia (Laila Wasti) will make you weep. How she tackles Aswaad and Threatens Mashal is epic. Her softness and understanding with Saffan is also so visible.

4- Clever & Quirky

Mehreen Mansoor is not only smart but a witty one. She is clever and humorous. She has a set of different traits from the rest of her family. She knows her strengths very well.

5- Independent and Respectful

She earns herself by selling paintings online and is as independent as possible from her Uncle’s house. But despite her independence, we see her respectfully answering her elders until provoked to clap back at them. She is good to her Nani despite she hating on her father.

Mahira Khan is the perfect actor for the character of Mehreen Mansoor and she till now has played it out perfectly well.

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