What’s Wrong With LUX STYLE AWARDS?

Lux Style Awards 2021

Centuries have passed away but still, we remain unbiased in several areas. Be it politics, sports, or movies, everyone wants to promote their son, friend, or person from his gang ;).

One of the best things Pakistan got is “Pakistan Entertainment Industry”. When it comes to awards, our biased Jury members are like those kings who want only their son to rule the kingdom. LUX STYLE AWARDS are the most prestigious award of the Pakistan Entertainment Industry. However, what is happening is absolutely absurd. Nominations for the 20th Lux Style Awards (#LSA2021) announced. Some things are just shocking!

The nominees have finally unveiled the first shocker that comes to me, which is No major Hits of ARY Digital are included. The story unfolds that ARY is in a cold boycott of the award show due to some transparency issues of the voting system or the “credibility” of the jury.

Shocker Number # 2 has to be missing nominees of brilliant performances. Stars like Sonya Hussyn, Srha Asgr, Hadiqa Kiyani, Kubra Khan, Sarah Khan, Imran Ashraf, and some more, didn’t make it to the Nominations for some very prominent roles.

The fashion category really doesn’t excite you. We see the same nominees, the repetition of nominees among categories as well. Models and Designers that are favored are only put in the listing (again). No new categories were added despite the absence of film and cinema.

This is another problem, why can not an award show find a few NEW dimensions to promote. Since cinema could not be highlighted this year why not add some other things? A best CSR section or influencer of the year section or anything. Why the style awards do not promote the digital community?

where are the stylists of the year, makeup artists of the year for drama, are fashion shoots MUA only deserving of being called artists? Why can not there be improvisation in the award show?

The music category looks good but it also deserves some more attention. The nominees are good and promising hope the serving one wins!

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