What We Loved At PHBCW 2021 Winter Fest

Best Looks at Hum Bridal Couture Week 21 - PHBCW21

Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week 2021 ( PHBCW21) winter fest was held in Lahore from 10th to 12th December. The ramp was filled with glitz, desi glamour, and musical delights.

The designers and their bridal collection pleased the audience by providing them with all the latest trends for the wedding season. Styles and outfit inspos for the bride, groom, and the attendees of the special occasion can get some serious pointers from the PHBCW21.

With almost 30 designers showcasing their superb collections for the masses with brilliant showstoppers and musical performances, who outshines the other is so hard to pick! We know it can be quite difficult to mull over all the designers at once, so to make it simpler, we have curated the best looks from the Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week 21 ( PHBCW21 )

Here are our top 6 looks from this year’s PHBCW21 that deserve a mention

1- Minal Khan in FAS Design Studio

With the sleek hairs in a bun and kohl eyes, Minal stuns in a light pastel green ensemble.

2- Zubab Rana in Rizwan Ahmed

Classic red and golden with a shade of Rizwan Ahmed’s best craft. Zubab Rana is the perfect desi bride. The collection overall was also one of the best!

Zubab Rana In Rizwan Ahmed

3- Nimra Khan in Haris Shakeel

Purple hues and a perfect mehndi look are love from Haris Shakeel. NIMRA KHAN truly shone on the ramp.

4- Rosie Gabrielle in Hiba Asim

Hiba and her team did a perfect red bride. The right shade, right style, and the right amount of glamour to it.

Rosie Gabrielle in Hiba Asim at PBCW21

5- Rabia Butt in Zonia Anwar

So different, so perfect… Rabia Butt in Zonia is a vision!

6- Amar Khan and Alizey Shah in Nisa Hussain

Amar Khan in Pink while Alizey Shah in a light off-white both looked superb.

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