Wasim Akram White Test Ball Launched

1_67_8So, earlier this season we were introduced to another grand signature perfume of Wasim Akram series by J. fragrances, the test series score 502. The perfume is in a grand pearl white exterior and a golden rim, a Sultan look to ay the least. The J. Fragrances since based on non-alcoholic base, and the scent is usually natural herbs or floral we expected it to be strong like the last Red ball 414.
The 502 For en, is very exotic and long lasting. The fruity musk gives out a fresh feeling when applied. The cardamom aroma enriches the air and the orange-apple duo makes the fruity pinch in it a little more exciting than ever. Wqasim Akram known for his elegance and classy style justifies the 502 For Men as a casual wear for most business or corporate men.
The 502 for women cased in a cute pink packaging does please the eye but the fragrance is indeed upon international standards. J. Fragrances are classified as halal certified and made from all organic matter which makes them last longer and smell fresher.
The 502 for men and women ranges only around PKR-300 to PKR-3500 in 100 ml, which for an organic made brand is quite nice on the pocket. Apart from that the 502 For Men looks like a classic cricket collectable and has been offered to be delivered with an autographed cricket bat (limited time only).
In our suggestion, the 502 for both the genders are a must have for the season. J. Fragrances have online deliveries and pre-orders going on as well. Do check it out.

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