1651476_origThe first mother day was celebrated in USA in 1905. Mothers are not rare to find, mothers are like a security blanket to us because she saves us from all problems. She compromise of a bundle of emotions that some time defy reasons, we don’t know about what lies in the heart of an ideal mother.
As we all know that a mother has a very special place in the heart of her kids. The mother day is a happiest and highly memorable day in her life, and by celebrating the day we should pay tribute to her.
Mother day is celebrated every year in sub continent on second Sunday in the month of May to give honour to mothers as well as respect to her motherhood. This day of the year has been dedicated to the mother and celebrated as mother day every year.
We cannot give her place to any living or non living person in this world we cannot forget her caring and love it will be not out of place to mention that she cares us so much.
Mother never leaves the child alone she is fully devoted to the child like no one else in whole world.
Mother takes all children responsibilities and never get tired. She puts her all out efforts without any fix job time and work.
It is true that you cannot give her anything in return, yes the only thing you should give her is lot of respect and care, we should always love and care our mothers and obey her all orders.

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