Trendy Edenrobe Jacket Has Become Talk Of Town

img-20161231-wa0052_resizedLast couple of days a particular edenrobe jacket has become talk of town, especially among the male celebrities and models. It all started when Edenrobe made the renowned cricketer Kevin Pieterson as the brand face for a campaign in 2017.

This particular shoot when published got a very mixed review  as to why take Kevin in the shoot when you have so much of local talent worth it , and  it was followed by a Post by the famous Fashion photographer Tapu Javeri , who claimed he looked better in that jacket standing infront of  Kevin’s picture.
Tapu’s post was followed by the Television star Azfar Rehman making a similar claim but the person who jumped into this bandwagon next created a real stir, this was non other then Pakistan’s heartthrob Osman Khlid butt who said he looked awesome in the jacket in his own cute way.
Uzair jaswal the musican/ actor  who is also Osman’s best friend reclaimed Osman’s claim of nailing the jacket look by posting his picture in the same jacket , the I look better competition ended with our Udari star Ahsan khan who actually looked dapper in that jacket and admitted that every one looked nice including Kevin.
We cant say who actually rocked the jacket look but all these powerful celebrities have a great fan following backing them up .

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