Tiffany and Co. is not well- known for bags and quite frankly I went through their whole collection again recently and was less than impressed– as compared to a lot of their jewellery pieces which I have never stopped coveting. There is however, one tote that I would still not mind having in the bag collection– only because I love the color and also because shopping totes are always fail- safe.
The Tiffany Reversible Tote or the TRT– which I have already written up about in the past.
This time the TRT is in all Tiffany- blue color. So pretty right? A little problem (or two) that I see? The smooth leather and the light color. Smooth leather= prone to scratches unless you handle your bag extremely delicately (you might as well put the bag inside a glass vitrine LOL). Light color= oh dear, stains.
The consolation is, the bag comes with that little pouch where you can put important contents– perhaps like your credit cards and a little cash. The bag is not exactly cheap, but then again it’s not often that you can find a good bag in this color either 🙂
Bag is available at Tiffany.Com for US $875 (boo, 2 years ago, the bag was US $300 less than its price today).

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