These Celebrities Have The Potion Of Youth

Top Pakistani celebrities

Youth is a word that when we think to bring our mind to clear, clean skin, smiling faces, and a body to die for. Pakistani film and drama industry is all about fresh faces and the beauty standards are set to the mark. But we know a few names that have defied time and are definitely taking a potion of youth.

Here are our top five picks on the evergreen Pakistani Celebrities –

1- Mahnoor Baloch

Topping the list is the queen, Mahnoor Baloch. She is a queen, her skin to her looks nothing has changed since the last two decades. Mahnoor Baloch debuted in PTV drama, Marvi in 1993. Ever since she has ruled our hearts.

2- Shehzad Roy

Our favorite vampire, Shehzad Roy started his singing career in 1995, and he is been shocking us all ever since. His singing skills, humanitarian work, and social-political presences make him a total heartthrob.

3- Aijaz Aslam


from his face to his physique the actor, producer, social media chef, and everything else in the middle, Aijaz Aslam can not age. his undying graceful style, the fitness, and his work speak for themselves. Aijaz Aslam has direct access to the fountain of youth.

4- Adeel Hussain

Director and Actor, Adeel Hussain is another celebrity that has stood the time test. He started his acting in 2007 but has been an RJ since the 1990s. Seeing him in recent ads makes us sure he knows the right fountain of youth.

5- Hadiqa Kiyani

The powerhouse, Hadiqa Kiani, debuted her first album in 1995. She is the only woman who has been appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador, by United Nations. She has made magic with her voice for the last three decades.

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