The Rhythm Of Freedom

Shahzain Munir (Business Development Head, EBM), Adnan Ali Bajwa (Brand Manager, Peek Freans Sooper, Saadia Naveed (Deputy Managing Director, EBM), Jahangir Khan, Shehzad Roy, Jibran NasirCelebrating the spirit of independence Peek Freans Sooper Biscuit launched their “azaadi campaign.” The TVC was launched earlier which promoted a theme of everyday sounds that the population makes and converting them into a rhythm of freedom. The “Sooper Hay Azaadi Campaign” has a keen idea behind it, to promote the beautiful vocals of our nation.
A free bird sings the sweetest melody is what we believe comes to mind when one sees the Sooper Azaadi Campaign. The event was organized marvelously and the Peek Freans Brand Manager supporting the campaign by saying the main concept behind the scene are the social responsibilities of the EBM. He believes that azaadi is a gift which needs to be cherished with any for or medium, which promotes the contentment of freedom.
The campaign’s theme song is that of “Main Bhi Pakistan Hoon, Tum Bhi Pakistan ho” which is an excellent choice to promote or tribute to those who work day in & day out making this country a better and stronger nation. These are the real heroes those who lose lives, those who work hard for days, those heroes that keep us safe and healthy.
The campaign included the features of respecting & honoring our country with taking up responsibilities of understanding what the freedom has cost us and how we can be more patriotic towards our national interests. EBM has taken a huge initiative that provides the cultural and social benefits of their end consumers. EBM believes that with their products they don’t just sell food they sell believes, trusts and hardwork.


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