The Most Soulful Noha Khuwans Of Pakistan 2021

Pakistan Top Noha Khuwan 2021

Noha, is a category of poetry such as a sonnet, describing the heart-wrenching happenings of Karbala. When Imam Hussain (A.S) and his caravan of 72 women, children, and companions got betrayed by the people of Kufa. They camped in the site of Karbala where the men received brutal martyrdom.

The events of the days and on the evening of Ashura are described in a Noah. One of the most popular Noah that we heard growing up, which brought many to weeps was “Ghabraye Gi Zainab”.

Recently a number of enthusiastic Noha Khuwnas are seen in Pakistan. Their voice and poetry will give you goosebumps while many shed tears on each narration.

Here is our pick of the Best Noah Khuwnas of 2021

1- Farhan Ali Waris

2- Nadeem Sarwar

3- Ali Shanawar

4- Syed Ali (Ali Jee)

Syed Ali (Ali Jee) Top Noha Khuwan

4- Hashim Sisters

Hashim Sisters noha Khuwan

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