Textile Brand LALA Celebrates 65 Years In The Industry With The Launch Of A New Platform, The LALA Signature Series

LALA Signature Series In celebration of their milestone 65 years in the industry and in the spirit of channeling the international trend of cross brand synergy, leading textile brand LALA launches a first of its kind collaborative platform, the LALA Signature Series, teaming up first with coveted Pakistani designer Sonya Battla.
As the name suggests, the LALA Signature Series platform is one in which the brand is set to collaborate with a series of relevant and complementary brands to create, manufacture and retail specific collections throughout the year. The vision behind this initiative is to bring to the LALA brand a dedicated retail line that captures the strength of LALA as a textile brand in terms of manufacturing and retail and to pair this with a rich diversity of creative and aesthetically unique personalities and brands to co-create clothing lines throughout the year.
For its first Signature Series, LALA partners with the visionary designer Sonya Battla to introduce: #LALASignatureSeries x SonyaBattla. Indeed the brands have worked together to put forward multiple collections throughout the year, starting with their first S/S ’15 collection, retailing this March 2015.
On the launch of LALA’s Signature Series and the first collaboration with Sonya Battla CEO LALA, Pervez Lala has said: “The LALA Signature Series is an exciting step in a new direction for us, as we build our brand associations. With this concept, our resolve is to build a commitment to cross brand synergy, working with a plethora of talent in Pakistan over the years to come to introduce a new aesthetic and vision in a proper structured format, through long term and ongoing collections and lines. At LALA we are looking to build key company pillars and to innovate within our industry. The one off seasonal lawn collaboration format is therefore not something we want to champion as a pillar and instead, we are looking towards building an entire collaborative brand with the Signature Series, with the potential to work with multiple artistes, indeed in line with what pioneering global high street retailers have been doing. To that end, we are very fortunate to team up with the design talent and retail force that is Sonya Battla, to create the first ever series under this platform. Her work has an unmistakable signature, grace and elegance and with the LalaSignatureSeriesxSonyaBattla collaboration, we are delighted to bring her design vision to our retail sensibility.”

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