Rang Ja (336)The Telenor Fashion Weekend Day 2 amazed everyone by Red Carpet theme featuring Jeet ka Dum Lounge as well. Celebrities, fashionistas  and fashion enthusiastic  enjoyed the dance with friends on acrylic floor and take selfies with props.This concluding day of fashion weekend enthralled the audience to its maximum with amazing concepts of celebration.

The Day 2 fashion extravaganza started with the famous Outfitters Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The trendy brand names its collection”Castaway”. There marvelous collection based on rugged and ripped denim with heavy washes and hyper tropical trends. The collection includes oceanic creatures, sea birds, floral pattern and color-blocking. They used bright tropical Huwaiian prints and indigo-dyed techniques in their collection.

Famous retail brand Urban Culture showcased their collection after outfitter’s. They highlighted military trends which was permanent part of all histories in their collection.They blended military colors and camouflage prints to combat boots. They brought the strong military attributes in easily accessible fashion collection and imprints a strong impression of their brand.

The Apparel brand Harmony showcased their ” Spring Garden” collection consisting floral patterns, latest silhouettes, cuts and unique hues.The audiences highly appreciated selection and use of color and also there structured tailoring Followed by Harmony ,Forestblu came up with their new collection “Hipster” It was based on trendy fashion apparel well stylish prints and cuts by using different fabric techniques.

Likewise Day1 ,Telenor Karo Mumkin also participated and promoted PIFD graduated on Day2. Their four designers showcased their collections. Asrar Yaqoob was the first PIFD graduate to showcase his collection. He named his collection “the Art of Camel Decoration. Inspired by the the art creadted by nomads of Cholistan on Camel skin by carving hair. Laser cut on leather,dark floral and geometrical patterns also depicted the lifestyle of nomad’s in his collection.

Harris Masood  PIFD graduate showcased his collection after Asrar Yaqoob’s.His collection was “Dear Dorothy” consists of evaluation of pop culture in 21st century. It centered the fictional character of Doroty Gale the original hero in of pop culture from 1939 blockbuster cinematic adaption of L.Frank Baum’s ” The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. The collection unfolded in the form of letters written to Dorothy from the 21st century advising her about how she would have to change in order to keep up with rat race that is the modern day fame and fortune.

Momal Zia’s “Being Incomplete-Isolation of Nepal’s Honey Hunter” highlighted the rawness and aesthetics of nature of Nepal’s honey hunter’s life style. It was intended to present the problem solving pret collection depicting  Nepal’s honey hunter problems of life, his loneliness and rawness.

The last PIFD graduate to present his collection was Hassan Riaz. He titled his collection as :Affontement Avec L’Agony” themed the influence of personal occurrence on human nature. He represented the emotions of agony by human. Hunted Phthalo and vandyke raw(shades of camel brown) were used by him to express soreness,personal confrontation and nautical symbols for his designs and prints.

TONY & GUY North Pakistan presented their hair and makeup show after PIFD showcase. Their show featured Fahad Hussayn, HSY, Republic by Omer Farooq, Repulic Women’s wear, sublime by Sara.Inspired by grungy street and edge-driven styles, TONI & GUY North Pakistan presented the hair and makeup trends featuring the philosophy of continuous change, creativity, individuality and personal evaluation. They recreated braids and ponytails and accessorized hair in an avant-grade with metallic elements taking international catwalks as inspiration for some of their looks. Experience and mutrity which comes with movement, sleek and sports-luxe styles were also part of this vibrant and pulsating showcase.

Raj At Yas did their magic after Tony & Guy’s collection. They showcased their trendy fashionate yet wearable pieces for both women and menswear. They combined industrial embroideries with quality on light weight fabrics and also  introduced digital prints incorporated with embroidery and other edgy details. They gave a  new and improved look to their designs by their chic yet trendy patterns, picturing both men and women of the modern day.

Pareesa by Chenone  concluded day2 of Telenor Fashion Weekend 2015 by their collection.They represented a culture of robust colors and delicate designs, from the hand woven fabrics of remote villages, to the palatial abodes of Mughal emperors. They have elegance, style and sophistication of these ancient arts in their eye catching designs which was prominent in each of their thread.

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