Telenor Fashion Weekend : Day 1 Overview

Faika Karim (386)Hum Network after promoting the fashion designer for their bridal wear in one of its greatest kind of show Bridal Couture Week is proudly presenting Telenor Fashion Week, a celebration of fashion and culture. The two-day fashion extravaganza started on February 20th at Royal Palm,Golf & Country Club,Lahore where fashion enthusiastic, fashionistas and celebrities were present to experience debut edition of fashion weekend.

Overload opened the Day1 by its mind blowing performance. Batti and Neeray Aa songs by overload enthralled the audience.
The first showcase was by Chenone of their spring 2015 collection. Their collection was highly appreciated as they transformed the resort feel from their main line into high fashion,smart  casual and luxury collection. The resort mood was compromised of

luxe fabrics and chic silhouette. The collection includes structured fine cuts, with an array of A-line skirts,cropped trousers and tops.

Follwed by chenone was Erum Khan’s luxury prêt collection named as “Medallion Dusk” representing glamorous celebration of various shades of women.This collection was    tremendous mix of simplicity, elegance, purity and strength of women.

Faika Karim’s Lahore Prêt collection was showcased after Erum khan’s. A juxtaposition of contemporary designs inspired by heritage of Lahore with its traditional colors were eye catching. Audiences loved the pin-tucked trousers and high waisted skirts.

Eden Robe present his spring/summer collection for kids  on runway. Inspired by summer sorbet for kid’s casual wear. It was refreshing,full of vibrant colors. This new Eden Robe’s sorbet inspiration was beautiful and irresistibly perfect for kids to refreshingly cope with hot summer weather.
Breakout give a breakthrough with paying homage to Peshawar Attack Victims by its collection titled as ” For the Brave”. The cat walk was conveying the message of hope, courage and love for all Pakistanis.

Graduated of PIFD showcased its  collection which was made possible by Breakout and sponsored by Telenor Karo Mumkin. The showcase was begun with Aneeqa Karim’s collection of “Darkness against Light”
She compiled her designs inspiration from her own photographic work which showed effects of darkness against light. Laser-cut technique was used to prominent the elements in her collection material.

Fatima Basirat showed her collection after Aneeqa’s. She named her collection” Be Still My Soul”. She centered lotus flower and its growing stages,how it grows out from muddy water and reaches to surface for light and turned into bold and confident lotus yet very feminine silhouette. These soft and elegant garments were perfect for one.

Noor-ul-Ain Zafarof PIFD showcased her collection”Discovering Michael Jackson” which explored effects of tortured childhood of singer Michael Jackson in relation with Joseph Merrick,an Englishman who had severe deformities and used to cover it with a blanket and mask. The cut lines of the garments were designed by using classic and MJ silhouettes with black & gold as prominent colours with blanket textured reflecting Joseph Merrick’s rudiments.

The last collection was represented by Zainab Zulfiqar of Telenor Karo Mumkin PIFD Graduate Show. “The Tragic Fall of an Ostracised Queen” was title of her collection depicting issued faced by Marie Antoinette. She struggled throughout her life as a young girl,as a wife,as a queen,as a mother and as a widow. All garments were representing her inner feelings by showing innerwear as outerwear such as corsets and crinolines. Every garment had a cage to portray the entrapment of Antoinette’s feelings and emotions.

PIFD graduate show was followed by Hangten.They presented their collection “Summer Fling”. This California-based fashion brand’s collection showed individuality, freedom and energy. Their collections includes tops from rugby to graphic tees for the teens and fornal shirts and polos to the young executives.

Day 1 was ended at ethnic-wear brand Rang Ja. The brand continues with its ethnic embroideries and refreshing colours as their true signature line. In their TFW 2015 collection,Rang Ja showcased their perfect mash up of Pakistani culture with contemporary styles.

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