TAPU JAVERI born in Karachi on 5thMay 1965, his family name is MUSTAPHA FARABI JAVERI s/o jeweler HASAN ALI MOHAMMAD JAVERI. He took early education from Grammar School Karachi and after completing the school education he went to BARD College, New York, USA to study Anthropology. Though he proceeded to Athens Greece to get Masters Degree in Archeology but had to return back to Pakistan after the internship.


The very classy TAPU JAVERI is always ready with his camera in hand to capture the good moments/location/natural beauty, and change looks with the every click of his camera. He is one of the foremost photographers in Pakistan, both in terms of fashion and art photography. His foray into the art world has established himself for the new and adventurous by generating mixed media photo paintings.
Photographers are the people who possess the ability to change the looks and scenario through the lens of the camera and with the lens of their own eyes. TAPU JAVERI and outstanding Fashion Photographer, he had worked for Magazines like TEENAGER, LIBAS, FASHION COLLECTION, NEWSLINE, GALLERIE (INDIA), VISAGE and HERALD. He became Photo-editor for the Pakistani Fashion Magazine XTRA in the year 1994. He is an award winning Pakistani fashion and art photographer. He works as freelance photographer.
His first book titled TAPULICIOUS was launched in 2010 it is an outstanding achievement of TAPU JAVERI which allows you to get a taste of celebrities as you browse through its pages. The book featured photographs that TAPU has taken over the past two decades since he started working as a photographer. The book features portraits of icons such as MADAM NOOR JEHAN, IQBAL BANO and RESDHMA also have the images of models such as IRAJ MANZOOR and VANEEZA AHMED, DESIGNER AMMAR BELAL.
TAPU JAERI clarifies the choice of title and said. ”The book features people who think are deserving, and TAPULICIOUS. It is only fitting then, that the book opens with the quote: I CLICK! Therefore, you are.”
On the 4th May 2013 “MAGNUM” presented the scrumptious sequel of the book TAPULICIOUS titled “TAPULICIOUS 2”. The launch event and the PR of the book have been managed by CATALYST PR MARKETING.  

“TAPULICIOUS 2” is a continuance in the photographer’s series of photography books. The latest addition covers people from all walks of life from renowned model AMINAH HAQ, to prominent writers such as HANIF QURESHI and ARUNDATI ROY, the famous BILAWAL ZARDARI BHUTTO, to the eminent names in the media world-FAWAD KHAN& BABRA SHARIF to legendry singers such as BONEY M and ALAMGIR.
TAPU JAVERI said on the event “This book is a celebration through the years of not just fashion personalities, bet interesting people from various backgrounds. Pulling out unseen images from my extensive archive, TAPULICIOUS 2 packages and delivers them in an engaging way.”
The unforgettable and glamorous evening was attended and cheered by top designers of Pakistan, super Models, celebrities, dignitary, media & socialites and big names from the fashion world such as ZEBZ BAKHTAIR, DEEPAK PERWANI, WARDHA SALEEM, MAHEEN KHAN, NOMI ANSARI and others.  

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