TAO –An Exquisite Affair

In the simple Chinese language “TAO” stands for a pathway or a certain enlightened gate to the universe. Back in 2015 when TAO – Pan Asian opened its doors in Karachi, we knew it would transfigure the palate of the Asian cuisine lovers within the city. Let’s just be honest, Karachi is the hub of eateries and only a handful of them entertain fine dining experiences, from corporate lunch to no-stand in line buffet or hi-tea or a peaceful dinner with your loved ones. TAO provides all three, with great value for money it is our go to place for almost any corporate affair. As the restaurant hosts a ‘No reservation” policy for it’s prestigious customers its always easy to drop by and be seated within a short span of time.

On a Thursday night, as we walked in the restaurant was bustling with families, groups of young lively people and foreign delegates. Our seating of 8 people took place in a cozy quiet corner behind the well polished wooden partition which we absolutely adored. The interior is well designed for a pleasant environment; the lights are dim which complements the overall décor.
The Food
Pan Asian is a tricky cuisine, if not chosen wisely the meal can turn to a nightmare! Always ask what you are being served, the taste and the authenticity you can handle!
We ordered fresh orange juice for our table. The other drinks included the very popular strawberry lemonade & Ginger Mint Lemonade. The drinks added a different compliment to the meal. Always glad to have them at TAO.
Next Was The Soup,
Hot n Sour Soup which is classic vinaigrette chicken flavored broth & the Spicy Szechuan which is a dark soya based soup with blend of peanuts and spices. It was a bit too hot so no extra dressing was required.
The star of the night and one of the best served dishes at Tao Pan Asian, their tangy, flavorsome & irresistible Dynamite Prawns. The quality of the sauce and the prawns is truly legendary! Each bite is succulent and has the ample amount of sauce tossed in. Hands down best in town! A must-have starter at TAO, the alternate is the Dynamite chicken for those allergic to Prawns.
Dim-Sum range at Tao comes in all shapes and sizes, and is a delight to have if all sauces are properly used to add flavor to the Wonton or Dumplings.
Szechuan Wonton & Gyoza were picked!
Gyoza is the Japanese dumpling, pan-fried to perfection and filled with wholesome meat and vegetables, while the Szechuan Wontons were the perfect appetizers at the table, served in a pool of dark soy and spices.
Sushi – The ultimate Appetizer
As a Pan Asian restaurant, TAO has one of the finest sushi bars in Karachi. Equipped with delicious fresh sushi essentials, the Chef is a pleasure to watch creating these pieces of edible art. Sushi at TAO is authentic as possible with almost thirty types of Makimono, rolls and Nigri to choose from the joy ride is truly never-ending.
Our Favorites:-
Assorted Nigri with Prawn, Tuna & Norwegian Salmon
Crispy California
Volcano Maki
The sushi was fresh, delightfully plated and caused temptations across the table. Since we had 3 people eating sushi for the first time, all we heard on the table was praise!
The main course had mostly chicken as that fits our taste buds.
Pat Pit Kai – served with freshly boiled rice. The server added to our knowledge that the boiled rice helps in detecting the intense flavors of Pat Pit Kai and other such dishes, fried rice might just change the taste for most. The chicken was tender, the bell peppers perfectly stirred in the Szechuan sauce tweaked to match the Pakistani taste.
Our other entrée included the very fine Crispy Fish in Sweet Chilli Sauce, the scrumptious Black Bean Prawns, Fish & Honey Oyster along with our personal favorite fried rice with vegetables. Each entrée had a unique flavor and was quite a tasty affair.
Plus and Minus
Innovative plating, pleasurable appetizers and updated menu make a compelling case. The food is tweaked to match the Pakistani taste if you please. You may need some time to get the attention of the busy wait staff; the appetizers definitely steal the show over the main course.
Ratings Out of 10
Taste & Authenticity – 8 /10
Quality of Ingredients – 8.5 /10
Quantity per dish – 9 /10
Value for Money – 8 / 10
Décor – 7.5 /10
Ambience 8 /10
Venue: D 68 Block 7 Boat Basin opposite Standard Chartered Bank Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan
Meal for eight: `18,500 including taxes
Timings:  12:30 pm-11.30 pm
Online Order: www.taopanasian.com

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