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Here’s What Ayesha Omar Role In Movie ‘Javed Iqbal’

Ayesha Omar is playing the lead in a movie based on one of Pakistan’s most heinous criminals – Javed Iqbal. The movie is titled ‘The Untold Story of a Serial Killer: Javed Iqbal’. The movie is penned and directed by Abu Aleeha and being produced under the banner of KK Films by Javed Ahmed. The film will trace the story of the man who sexually abused and killed more than 100 children in Lahore, Pakistan between 1998 and 1999. The case was a particularly macabre one as the killer not only tortured and murdered the children but also butchered and...

Ayesha Omar launches All-Natural Beauty Range 'Ayesha O Beauty'

Actor, activist and fashion icon, and now entrepreneur, Ayesha Omar has launched her skincare line under the name 'Ayesha O Beauty'. The product range is all-natural and inspired by naturopathy as a healing force that has natural and organic ingredients. The products have been created according to what Ayesha wanted, after a great deal of research and testing, and are being manufactured by Hemani - a trusted name in natural and herbal products. (more…)