On 5th September 2013 the different pieces of Antique SUBCONTINENTAL furniture, an exclusive collection of 19th& early 20th century furniture, a combination of European artistic influences, were put on display at an exhibition at the SADEQUAIN ART GALLERY at FRERE HALL KARACHI. The exhibition will continue on 6th &7th September 2013 as well at the same venue.
The founder (SUBCONTINENT) SONIA REHMAN QURESHI a key Pakistani women for her contribution in the field of art and culture, briefed the visitors about different pieces of antique SUBCONTINENTAL FURNITURE and said “Chest, Chair, Table tells its own story it’s been and who it has shared time with. I have been fortunate to have discovered some of the treasures in my life. My collection continues to tell my story from generation to generation and also depicts stories for my years to come in future.”
Recently Pakistani people are getting familiarized with the antique furniture culture, the buyers created a ripple of waves for antique furniture. SUBCONTINENT would be regarded as the most preferred platform for domestic buyers towards purchase and ordering of Antique Furniture. This exhibition gives Pakistani’s an opportunity to learn many hidden facts of early civilization and arts through them.
A new look at old work, features full-size pieces and miniatures that recall details of early
GRANITE STATE FURNITURE making, the pieces have been lived with for years and developed a friendly patina that further enhances his made by hand at the bench.
The event, however, has been so successful, the visitors included celebrities from the fashion industries and famous stars of TV and film industry visited the exhibition. The event was managed by CATWALKPRODUCTION and PR was handled by CATALYST PR and MARKETING.


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