If you’re one of those wanting to adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle but just don’t know how, then Ramzan might actually be the best time to accomplish this goal. The Holy month teaches us valuable lessons of patience, self-control and determination…all of which are crucial not just for reconnecting with the soul but also when choosing to live healthy. To understand how one can adopt a healthier lifestyle especially during Ramzan, we connected with one of Pakistan’s leading fitness influencers, Sehr Beg.


A loving mom, an entrepreneur, a fitness trainer, celebrity trainer and a certified runner…these are just a few hats that make Beg stand apart from the rest. Known in the fitness arena as one of the first few female fitness influencers who changed the dynamics of industry, Sehr Beg continues breaking barriers, redefining stereotypes, and inspiring all demographics, while prioritizing self-care. She has been successfully training an array of clients including notable celebrities. Her Ramzan fitness is one of the most recommended programs and includes meal plan guidance along with workouts. To ensure client safety during the pandemic, Beg currently offers outdoor (with a limited number of clients) as well as online classes.

“One needs to know that working out in Ramzan is as good as working out in any other month. Working out keeps your weight in check, allows you to stay healthy and makes sure to give you the right energy throughout the day,” clarifies Beg when addressing one of the most common misconceptions surrounding the idea of working out especially during the month of Ramzan.

However, with the onset of warm temperatures especially in Karachi, working out becomes a challenge, but one that can still be dealt with. Sharing her tips on how we can cope with Karachi’s heatwave, Beg explains, “it is better not to workout outdoors during extreme weather conditions. Perhaps opt for indoor workouts during the day. It is also important to stay hydrated as much as you can during the feasting window primarily because you will be sweating a lot during this weather.”

Workouts alone cannot help one stay fit. Excessive indulgence in greasy foods with no nutritional value might looks tempting on the plate but can have such a huge impact on your fitness journey. Recommending how one can make healthier choices, Beg explains, “mobility, strength, stamina and eating clean are all important elements of living a healthier life. I recommend balanced meals…think of colourful plates which incorporate the 3 macros – protein, carbohydrates and fats. I always recommend home cooked meals because you have control over the ingredients. Don’t forget fruits and vegetables for your micronutrients. Oh, and most importantly…lots of water for hydration!”

Remember that Ramzan is a month to recommit and treasure our relationship with Allah while showing gratitude for the blessings he has bestowed upon us. Treat your body with respect, nourish it with wholesome foods and challenge yourself to be the best version of you.

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