Splash a trend setter has successfully created some of the biggest and most popular brand properties/events. In the brand’s portfolio of events, Splash calendar and Splash Fashion Shows are most popular.

The Splash season collection AW’ 12 offer high-voltage fashion trends, it ranges from retro mix of the 19th century to tapestry and heritage classics and some Eastern futurism. But it all depends on individual that how you fill your wardrobe with this exclusive collection. Splash’s “Fashion 365” binds together a collection that creates a definite style statement.
Dubai based Splash is Middle East largest fashion retailer and part of the Landmark Group, Splash has 150 stores and 50 brand stores in 11 countries. While visiting the Splash stores you will find popular collections for men, women and teens, the unique shopping environment gives customers the ease of browsing through various collections, among the categories like Splash Youth, Splash Women, Splash Accessories, Splash Smart, Splash DNM and so forth.
Splash winner of several marketing awards of great significance, such as “Superbrand” status 2012 awarded thrice in row for the brand, listed in Forbes Arabia’s “Top 40 Arab Brands” list
Look At Some Of The highlights Of The Event

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