Showstoppers Are Stopping The Fashion Shows

Showstoppers Are Stopping The Fashion Shows

What is a showstopper in a fashion presentation? A celebrity or a public figure to create hype about a collection and make the audience awe in amazement. This can be anyone from TV to films to even national heroes or who the public considered celebrities.

With the rising Trend of fashion weeks in the last 15 years in Pakistan, we have seen all the highs and lows. From critics of fashion sitting in front rows with their notepads and cameras to highlight what the designer has displayed, the craftsmanship and details to fancy so-called fashion bloggers with their high tech phones searching for the 15-second celebrity walk to post on their “social media blogs”.

Showstoppers and fashion weeks all are budding but typically judging a designer by the weight of his or her showstopper is unfair, to say the least. It’s not about delivering anymore, it’s about who made who walk wearing what!

In the previous years, the audience awaited a collection that has both classy fashion displays while adding a touch of fame in the end. But now, in the era of fashion evolving, all we have is channels promoting celebrities or celebrity friends walking randomly for designers just for the sake of that “15 seconds of fame”.

Everyone knows if it’s a fashion week, celebrity content is coming. Be it any regardless the designer displayed something promising or not, the last walk should be someone famous and the collection is a hit on social media.

A showstopper acts as a distraction for a fashion show rather than adding any richness to the collection.

Bridal Couture Week 19 Showstoppers
Bridal Couture Week 2019 Showstoppers

The back to back bridal theme fashion weeks all put up trends similar that are done for the last 5 years but the hype is all about who walked where and for whom.

We don’t mind the buzzing content or something that a common audience may wish to see but giving the masses exactly the click bits you want does not qualify as changing trends.

Who is to blame, sponsors or friendships? Lack of talent or creativity whether one or all of the above, the culture is budding and it needs to be bobbed. The clothes need to get better, trends need to make up the fame, critics need to stop glorifying the show-stealing walk and focus more on what the fashion weeks are about. Which is primarily Fashion!

The model fraternity also suffers from the culture, as they not only never get the recognition they deserve but also are belittled in front of a drama artist or film star who may or may not even know how to walk the ramp.

Wearing 50 outfits in a day and rehearsing all the walks, listening to show directors screen and all the efforts go to vain because you are just a model and not a showstopper.

When will it all stop, and how will it be managed that is the ultimate question asked. And we await answers!

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