Shamsha Hashwani Launched Her First Flagship Store

IMG_1149_001In this age of growing fashion appreciation in Pakistan where talents are outshining these days, Shamsha Hashwani’s eponymous brand is synonymous with swoop-back pleated twill,  embellished shirtwaist and bespoke curvaceous suits. Her tailored creed and detailed craftsmanship is often neatly tucked into a sheer-body skimming layers or underneath the voluminous vogues of thick, elongated silhouettes.

She striked the fashion world with her marvels three years ago and thereon, developed and excelled in the field. She formed a speciality for herself from the lively, trendy prêt to classically ensemble formal. Her brand comprises the essence of the powerful, modern woman accentuates on sophistication and refined delicacy.

Inspired from Epictetus, she has based her latest collection on vibrant, adequate embroideries and innovative cuts to give a bolder feel to women. She has interweaved expression of tradition with contemporary and intended to highlight luxury in every masterpiece.

Shamsha launched her collection with dominating use of flattering hardwork and embellishments, Shamsha Hashwani craved her debut by making each outfit elegant and bold at the same time.

She strongly believes that when there is clarity; there is transparency. Every piece is pristine and the individual’s personal relationship with each article is, therefore, apparent.

“Know first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.”

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