An out standing exhibition was organized on 13thof October 2012 at Block 4-Clifton Karachiby the famous fashion designer Shameel Ansari. This was truly extra ordinary occasion with an absolutely latest variety of beautiful works in white, golden, red and other gorgeous shades to enhance the beauty of dresses.

As I talk about the event your expectation ran high as the calendar collection of Shameel Ansari has now gained credibility of being mark of success, it was amazing that all the pieces which were exhibited were sold out before the closing time. It was ideal Eid Collection which proves creative talent and diversity of the fashion designer Shameel Ansari, the same was supplemented from everyone present there.
The collection was combination of separate coordinates and high fashion garments. The dresses were uniquely designed for all age and groups.  Finally there are no other words available than to simply say that the exhibition was a major success. 

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