Review: Why Watch “Prince Charming” Tonight

Prince Charming Short Film

Prince Charming is the directorial debut of Sheheryar Munawar and stars the talented Mahira Khan and Zahid Ahmed. The 12-minute short film is all about what we as a society never talk about.

Prince Charming Review

Prince Charming is based on domestic martial relationship depression. And when you read depression you think it is a sad, gloomy and melodramatic sob feast. But believe us, it will blow you away.

Prince Charming Review: The Story Is Relatelable To Us All

Your mom, your sister, your wife, or even you could be Mahira Khan. Your husband, father, son, brother, or friend can be Zahid Ahmed. The film keeps you related, in just a few scenes you know, you are a part of All of this. Good job Sherry.!

Emotions And Intensity Build up

The Build-up of the characters, the small details, the connection all is perfect. Well organized to keep you glued to the screen.


Mahira Khan keeps you engaged with her emotions, her highs, and lows. The connection of Zahid Ahmed with the audience is equal to what is with her.

The director and crew, the DOP have all done a fantastic job. The film reels you in the world of Sherzaad immediately and you feel it all.

Prince Charming is a must-watch.

Here’s the YouTube link to the Film

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