Review : J. Winter Collection 2016-2017 TVC

The winter fashion fight begins, brands all set to launch their winter collections. Winter wear in our fashion industry demands a lot of vibrant combinations and textures. The best so far we have witnessed is J.

J. recently released a new ad for its Winter Collection, and it goes without saying that it turned a lot of heads. In our honest opinion, we believe the new ad has made quite an impact. This is why we’ve decided to do a detailed review for it, explaining all the reasons behind its appeal and why other brands should also take note.
An Energizing Attitude
After using mannequins in previous communication mediums, J. has gradually shifted to real-life models who we see donning the new collection in the latest TVC. Definitely, this is a refreshing look for the brand as we observe that it is getting fashionable in the game by making their campaign more pragmatic and attractive. The only aspect previously missing from J.’s campaigns was the human element, which the brand has cleverly integrated very well now.
Have a look at the ad here:-
The Real Characteristic
THE J. Winter Collection! The vivacious colors in the background have been smartly used to make the collection to pop. But in all equality, the prints and designs are so stunning that they outshine everything else in the video. If you don’t believe us, ask any fashion enthusiast, we bet you.
Carrying the Story
Given the way the ad develops, it’s safe to admit that some significant work has been put in to the story. Obviously, the brand has clearly shown that it is sticking to its heritage by displaying simplicity. This is yet again a very class act given the fact how other brands usually tend to go overboard with their messages in the rest of the fashion diligence.
In the TVC, we can see that the female models are going about their lives as they are busy with day-to-day activities. It’s clearly observable that these women are depicted having thoughts, interests, and beliefs. This is a great illustration as it counters the common objectification of women in the Pakistani fashion industry, wherein females are usually seen lying on beaches and whatnot with sensual terminology for no reason whatsoever. The male models are also treated equally as in each frame; we can monitor them busy in their own views.
Applause to J. for rolling out such an inspiring teaser for the new Winter Collection. We give the commercial a solid 9.5/10!

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