Rang Mahal – Who Deserves Mahpara’s Love?

Rang Mahal

As the TRPs hick for the Geo entertainment drama serial Rang Mahal, so does its twisted tale. The drama is now switching into a who deserves what motion.

In Rang Mahal Mahpara played by the talented Sehar Khan, is now climbing the ladder of success and its payback time. Salar, who has guided her to this point and is in love with her now will make an entry into her life yet again.

Rayeed and Salar are to be married but now things seem to be getting intense.

The question now comes, who deserves Mahpara’s love?

Salar, who supported her and has not questioned her for what has been in the past. Salar is also a building block in Mahpara’s success.

Or Rayeed, who left her on false blames and never looked into finding the truth.

A twisted tale of love, money, and revenge is now yet to unfold.

We can’t wait!

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