Quakers Launches In Pakistan, Celebrities Come Together To Enjoy Brunch In Karachi

c1v3mphuqaaif3sWhen it comes to breakfast, no one knows better how to provide a nourishing good start to the day than Quaker. This winter when oatmeal season is in full swing, the world-renowned and beloved brand Quaker made its official launch in Pakistan.

Oats are very nutritional; they are a rich source of dietary fiber, a good source of plant-based protein and it helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. Along with health, Quaker Oats focuses on taste as well.

To showcase the delicious and versatile nature of oats, Quaker hosted a brunch at Cafe Flo Karachi which included a buffet of scrumptious breakfast and brunch foods

Here are some pictures from the wonderful #OatsomeBrunch that took place in Karachi.

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