The famous photographer Tapu Javeri and member of the ponds council unveiled on the first day Fashion Pakistan Week 4 started with a surprise that the lounge was literally the biggest thing on the red carpet. There was display of beautiful antique stage with mannequins. As the red curtains went up, the stage were displaying pieces from the creations of the designer who were set to show their waiting collection at Fashion Pakistan Week on coming 2 days of the show.

The 2nd day was not less surprising than the 1stday never the less the 2nd day unveiling was carried out by none other than the lady who’s name is symbol of success and who never fails to surprise everybody with huge and astonishing creations, the legendry Frieha Altaf, she helped the event to gain the credibility which was outstanding.
It seemed that it was enough, but the 3rd and final day of Fashion Pakistan Week 4 when started it astonish every one, as the curtain went up there were live models who proudly walked around the stage. Everybody cheered up and especially women loved the brands exhibited because these were glamorous, funky and easy to wear. Finally on the last day the curtains fall down on the lounge, however the event will be remembered for coming years.

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