Ah, the provocative scent of pepperoni and marinara sauce! It can’t be beat!
We’ve always wondered how we could prolong the delicious smell of pizza long after every last slice had been eaten, and as it turns out, we don’t have to wonder anymore!

From the geniuses at Pizza Hut comes an idea to rival both the stuffed crust pizza and the breadstick: pizza-scented perfume!
And right on the heels of the bacon-scented shaving cream!
After Grip Limited, an advertising firm that works for the pizza-making company, asked fans on Facebook to come up with name for a then-hypothetical pizza fragrance, response was so positive that they decided to just go ahead and make the fragrance.
Because obviously rabid Facebook fans always have the best suggestions for a company!
However, in a move that hints there is still hope for mankind, Grip Limited will only make 100 bottles and distribute them to the first Facebook fans that commented.
According to Grip Limited’s managing director Adam Luck, the perfume will smell like “pizza dough with a little bit of seasoning added.”

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