ISSEY MIYAKE perfumes launch event was held on 29 Sept 2012 in Karachi. The launch event was highlighted by the presence of celebrities such as Anita Ayub, Neshmia Ahmed, Faizan Haq, Nadia Hussain, Maria Wasti, Faakhir and many other notables.

Issey Miyake Japanese fashion designer, due to his dedication he has became the status of reference in International perfumery. It is to his credit that he worked for some of the most famous countries of the 1960 such as Paris, New Yorkand return back to Tokyo Japanin 1970, here he founded the Miyake Design Studio and produced women Fashions.
Issey Miyake retired from design in1997 but continued to fashions and perfumed which reflect a sense of humor. It was in 1992 when he launched his first perfume for women L’eaud’ Issey and further in 2009 Miyake launched “ascent by issey miyake”
Isssey Miyake has 47 fragrence which are made in collobration with perfumers DaphaneBugey, Jacques Cavallier, Alberto Morilles and AurelienGuiehard. The product produce since 1992 up to 2012, surprise for the perfume lovers that the entire line is available at his store in Japancalled ELLOB TEP.
The event of Issey Miyake launch was organized by Catwalk and PR by Catalyst PR& Marketing. 

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