Pepsi Unplugged – ‘The Fall Edition’

Komal & Josh 1On the 2nd of October 2015, our very own Hassan Rizvi and BodyBeat Group (BB Events and PR) hosted the fall edition of Pepsi Unplugged. The celebration was a double blast as it also marked the first anniversary of the Pepsi Unplugged platform. The platform was established to revive the musical heritage and culture of creating magic with the vocal cords. These Pepsi sponsored music events UNPLUGGED are created to support the stars and bring new revamped styles of our folk or sufi songs. These are high level events, hosted by BB events and PR and Hassan Rizvi the CEO of Bodybeat group.

This session had a star studded blue carpet having designers, socialites, drama stars and musical legends. The blue carpet was hosted by our very own Model/Performer/host Fia Khan, who out shinned in Zaheer Abbas, with having sensational guests like  YBQ (Yousuf Bashir Qureshi), Asad-ul-Haq, Anoushey Ashraf, Shahzad Shiekh, Hira Tareen, Nadia Mistary, Nausheen Shah, Aamna Aqeel, Mustafa Changezi, Abbas Jaffery, Sana Ansari, Amina Malik, Nazia Malik, Zoe Viccaji, Tabssum Mughal, Ovais Jaffer, Momal Shiekh, Farooq Mengal, Saba Ansari, Faizan Haquee, Fatima Syed, Anila Murtaza, Rukiya Adamjee, Deepak and Fahad, Beenish Pervaiz, Shazia Naz, Khalid Malik, Mansoor Akram, Mantaha Tareen, Humayoun Alamgir, Kiran Khan, Saira Kabeer and many other big names all came to enjoy listening to what we call History in the making.
The session had two of the most renowned and internationally celebrated singers.  One of the most multi-talented actress/singer/host/performer we have in our country, Komal Rizvi dressed in Tena Durrani styled by Beenish Perviz. She sang like the pop nightingale leaving the audience mesmerized. Her songs are chart toppers in India and Pakistan, Coke studio had also seen her current modern sufi-rock style, which has caught everyone by surprise.
Komal Rizvi
The other is the most decorated Pakistani band of all times, from composition to vocals they have so much to offer like their name, JOSH the band. The performance of the band was so superb, that it left a spell on all of us. The JoSH band is an Indo-Pak Canadian originated bhangra beat band, they’ve worked in bollywood as well as with Grammy award winner Nelly Fartado for launching Powerless in India.
IMG_6734 Josh 7
The night had a special song, in stored the modern revival of a 1950’s Pakistani Punjabi movie song was sung in a duet by the two amazing singers/performers. The song “Desaan Da Raja, Mere Babul Da Payara” was amplified into something that would create history. The event was very well organized by BB events and PR.
Special thanks were dedicated to the lovely sponsors of the night.
Pepsi Co.
Reckitt & Benkizer
TPL Personal Tracking
English Biscuit Manufacturers Ltd
Close Up
Tissot watches.
Several contest winners were also announced in the night, all Unilever LTD products had the competitions for their valued customers.
Winners of the Thailand ticket courtesy Veet Miss Super Model was Mrs.Wajiha Shahid.
Wajiha Shahid - Veet winner
The winners of the 3 diamond rings were Mehreen Nishad, Sara Wassan & Amina Malik.
Amina Malik & Hasan Rizvi - Close Up Diamond Ring Sara Wassan - Diamond Ring winner
Hasan Rizvi & Mehreen Sheheryar - Close Up diamond ring winner
Winners of the 3 Tissot watches were Mohammad Urva, Sheheryar Nishad and Shahzeb Shiekh.
Mohammad Urva - Tissot Watch winner Sheheryar Nishad - Tissot Watch winner
Lastly the winners of the 3 Personal Trakking Devices courtesy TPL Trakker were Momal Shiekh, Afrah Jamal and Saba Bilwani.
Afrah Jamal = Personal Trakker winner IMG_6835 IMG_6831

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