Peng’s, Hair and Beauty Clinic is launched on 26th January 2013. The event was organized in a classic way, the presence of respectable guests, host, organizer, flashes of photographers and glamorous models made it a Grand Opening Ceremony.

 A beauty clinic (Beauty Parlour) is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women, other variations include hair saloons. There is a distinction between a beauty clinic and hair saloon though many businesses do offer both sets of treatment.

Peng’s Hair and Beauty Clinic offers both the sets of treatment, beauty clinic and hair salon. The salon is owned by Peng Qureshi a Malaysian women, she gained the experience under experts such as Vidal Sassoon, Robert Fielding, Christine Shaw and Wella In the year 1980 she got married in Pakistan. Peng Qureshi bought in Pakistan the distribution and training techniques of internationally distinguished brands such as Skin and Body experts ‘GUINOT INSTUTE’ and ‘TONY&GUY,S’ professional hair care brands LABEL.M London.
Peng Qureshi has designed and decorated the clinic with the beauty products, impressive interior overall it gives beautiful outlook. The Peng Salon consistence of three floors and each floor is made according to specific beauty needs.
  1. First floor: has the cutting hair salon, laid back manicure/pedicure lounges and makeup applications                                                                                                     
  2. Second floor: skin care facials, massages and all body treatments.
  3. Third floor: Peng’s Hair and Beauty Clinic Training Institute-A learning centre for a network.
The event was organized by CATALYST (PR MARKETING.)

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