On the third weekend of June, Adnan Ansari with his fellow team members, sponsors and associates put up a spectacular show at the Pakistan Fashion Week in London at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden. The majestic venue hosted elites from the media, fashion and other industries from all across the world. The event played an enormous role in representing Pakistani culture and heritage overseas. The event remarkably redefined the meaning of representing culture overseas, by recruiting models that were from all sorts of different backgrounds from Asian to European, Colombian and Brazilian. Models have always remained an integral part of how the outfits and therefore the messages are sent out to the viewers and media. By hiring such diverse pool of models, there were not only gregarious outfits being showcased but also the message of acceptance, open mindedness and harmony.

Another exceptional aspect of the event was the involvement of volunteers, lead by Sadia Sheikh, in the organization of the event. The importance of these volunteers for the success of the show is beyond what words can express. The event was a heaven on earth for those working, studying or playing any part in fashion or media industry. Some of the showcased designers include Zeeshan Bariwala, Bani D, Ego, Gul Ahmed, Tusmiyah and many other elite brands from Pakistan. These collections covered all sorts of different styles from contemporary western to cultural. The extravaganza was ended with the news of PFW5 happening in Paris instead of London, by Adnan Ansari.

Further and beyond, the event had done a great deal in projecting a warm and positive image of Pakistan; an image it truly deserves!

Written & Clicked By :Maryam Sohail

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