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Nida Yasir Gets The Place In The Meme Calendar 2021

Nida Yasir is everyone’s favorite morning show host. Her quirky remarks and list of fun invitees in the ARY Morning Show are a source of her fame.

Nida is being trolled today for an interview from 2016. The guests Abdul Aleem and Muhummad Shariq are NUST students, who had invented their own formula 1 (F1) car. The host, Nida Yasir confidently questions her guests regarding the car. The students are soon left dumbfounded due to the questions of the host.

Have a look at the clip of NIDA YASIR that is making rounds on the social media platforms

Nida Yasir’s clip soon made the top Twitter trends and netizens are in a fit. The meme masters are now out making the most of it. Memes are flooding in and the 2021 meme calendar gets an update. Nida secures the September slot.

The Meme Calendar is all that happens in Pakistan and is a social media trend. People on the keyboards can’t get enough of it. From the famous Dananeer to Nida Yasir all are marked in the Meme Hall of Fame.

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