Netizens Are Booing MARIA B – Find Out Why

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Maria B is one of the most famous lawn and luxury designers. The fabric quality, the designs, and the prints all are worth every penny. The design house is an elite class-worthy brand and is loved worldwide.

But recently, a customer voiced her complaints, and netizens all seem to have similar issues boiling.

The young lady in a popular community post’s in vain that she received a faulty piece worth 10,000.

Now she opens up about how the customer service at Maria B not only didn’t help her but also threatened her that keep it as it is or couriers it yourself.

The netizens also come up and have similar complaints of fabric, material length, or designs as well. Some even suggested buying replicas instead, it is a laugh riot.

The replicas brigade is all over making jokes. The netizens believe all big names have nothing good to offer anymore.

Have a look at what went down for MARIA B 😁

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