Mrs. And Mr. Shameem Gets a New Trailer

Mrs & Mr Shameem

The mere mention of the channel name ‘Zee TV” is a walk down the nostalgia lane. There is a good reason why almost all the Pakistani millennials are aware of the channel and it is because of the great success Zee TV as a channel enjoyed.

Lately, the company that owns the channel has made a prudent move towards digitizing its content and so it has released a subscription service out of the homeland, India. It is an OTT (Over-the-Top) media service, like Netflix.

Zee5 Global owns a multitude of entertainment content, and Zindagii is one of them. Zindagi was the first completely online channel for India which hosts many original TV series such as Churails, Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam, Dhoop Ki Deewar, among others.

It seems Zee5 is preparing to release yet another Original show, and this show titled Mrs. and Mr. Shameem stars none other than our very own Saba Qamar.

Produced by Kashif Nisar and Misbah Shafique, Mrs. & Mr. Shameem is a distinctive love story of a pure bond graduating from friendship to growing old together and everything in between.
Directed by Dumpukht director, Kashif Nisar, the show casts Nauman Ijaz and Saba Qamar. Mrs. and Mr. Shameem is set to premiere on ZEE5 Global on March 11, 2022.

From the released trailer, it appears the show is celebrating gender diversity. It revolves around the friendship of Umaina (Saba Qamar) and an effeminate man, Shameem (Nauman Ijaz), which grows into love and grows old together. Also in the trailer, both are shunned by society and so favors a unison with each other…in simpler words, they get married.

Shameem’s tough life both in the past and after marriage is revealed in the trailer. Also shown is his wise and brave decision-making. Also, there is an angle of an illegitimate child which is dealt with maturity.
Nauman Ijaz said, “Shameem is not like the usual hero you get to see in series and films. He is a soft-hearted, caring man. He redefines the portrayal of how an ideal man or man of the house typically should be.”

Further describing his character, he continued, “Throughout the show, you’ll see him practice respect, love, and concern for his family and friends but unfortunately he is made fun of for being ‘effeminate’. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this character, and I’m looking forward to the release of the show.”

The series would be spread over 20 episodes. The trailer has made quite an impact and if the show turns out as good, then we are looking at the chart-topper original of 2022.

Mrs. and Mr. Shameem is a Zindagi original and is set to premiere on Friday, 11th March 2022 exclusively on ZEE5 Global

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