Mountain Dew Neon LaunchIt was 7th of Janaury 2015 MOUNTAIN DEW launched “NEON BOTTLE”. The brand new bottle was introduced with a spectocular 3D projection and it revealed the brand new DEW NEON BOTTLE, which emerge from a hidden drink bar and there was DEW NEON DRINKS for everyone.
The event started with a rap performance by none other than  ADIL OMER and TALAL also UMAIR JASWAL music was there till end.
It was a kick start of 2015 with full of action and thrills,yes it was a party where MOUNTAIN DEW presented exciting new NEON BOTTLE.
On the event where known celebrities arrived with a bang on heavy bikes! and you will love to ride on one, but finally you can sit on a heavy bikes, as there was an entire photo booth dedicated for this purpose.
MALIHA SUBHAN Marketing Director Pepsico says “MOUNTAIN DEW is a brand you cant put in a box, it is a brand that instigates originality and refuses to follow-it inspires by leading.” Further she says “More than anything else MOUNTAIN DEW is about blazing a new trail-and this time the trail is NEON”
There was a galamorous red carpet live GRAFFITI taking place. There were cool skateboard on display. The event was attended by fashionistas, celebrities, media & socialites

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