Motivation To Innovation


Karachi is the city of lights, the lights that once shined brighter than everyone else, have been pushed into terror and darkness by the recent activities that had happened in Karachi. The darkness lured youth into drugs, cheating and fraud and resulted in a sad situation. We as Karachities, have suffered so much that we have found ways to enlightened our nights and days. The more they suppressed us the bigger and bolder we have grown..

Pakistan Innovation Foundation has challenged Karachi city to bring out the best, with their uptight graphics and 300,000 PKR for each winner to grab the stage is ready to be set up. They are calling out all the Motivation to Innovation, with four mind boggling categories these guys want the common citizen to revive the lights back in Karachi..

The four categories include:-


DIY Citizenship – Citizen-initiated and run ‘Do it Yourself’ Initiatives aimed at addressing Karachi’s problems in a variety of contexts (education, health, waste collection, economic empowerment, de-radicalisation, etc.)

Creative Humane Spaces – the Use Creative Spaces designed to culture, art, storytelling and other creative endeavors to create a humane and harmonious City (things like T2f and others)

Smart City – Technology-driven interventions to help create a smart and intelligent city that brings relief to and works for its citizens rather than vice versa

Trusted City Government – Ideas and Interfaces to improve the citizen-government relationship. This will include any innovative idea that can evolve the relation of Karachi & its local bodies.

Register at: before August 25, 2016 for a fun-filled weekend at Habib University Karachi..

The best ideas and art will get a CHANCE TO WIN up to PKR 1.5 MILLION worth of exciting prizes and Startup Capital for 4 WINNERS and participate in a Civic Accelerator to become the change you want to see.

Register early for an opportunity to attend an orientation session at T2F on 17th of August 2016…The registrations will close on 25th August so be quick and be strong.

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