Meera Jee Faces Backlash On Her Recent Statement

Meera Jee on Minare Pakistan

Meera jee is our favorite Lollywood actress. She is always in the limelight for not the right reasons. Her recent statement, regarding respecting women has everyone in a fit.

the actress, Meera jee on her social media posted a video regarding respecting women. The actress states that respect women, give them honor, goodwill and so. But her closure has everyone pondering was her statement sarcastic.

She closes her statement by saying, “itne izzat do, kay auratien khud apko chirien.” God only knows what she has in mind. In a time, where incidents of disrespect and harassment against women are in an uproaring state, such remarks bring only negative fame. It also encourages the negative mindset of victim-blaming.

Here is the Meera Jee video on Minare Pakistan Incident ;

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