LUX – A Night Of Fragrance

19985974_137289156853800_8035265099302174720_nLux is known for it’s passionate and desirable fragranced body care products. The Unilever owned brand is all about feminine ardent and beauty obsession. In Pakistan, each year a new TVC is launched with a fresh beauty face aka the LUX Girl. We have seen huge names of beauty being embraced as the Lux girls over the years. This is an honor for the beauties of Pakistan as they represent the biggest exquisiteness of Pakistani grace.
Recently, the new LUX TVC was set to premier in Karachi, unveiling not One but three most desired women of this year as the Lux girls. A night held at the Nueplex Cinema in Karachi, demonstrated an elegance, glamour and passion of velvet red. With the host of the red carpet being one of the most celebrated names in the Pakistani fashion industry, Mr.Hassan Sheheryer Yaseen (HSY) the night was expected to be nothing less than amazing.
The three new beauties of Lux, representing the Pink, Red and white were unveiled. Mawra Hocane, Mahira Khan and the very cute Maya Ali, made the night a little more exotic. When the beautiful ladies made their way on to the red carpet each was a vision in their own. The TVC was unveiled after a beauty conversation session with the new Lux girls, as Mahira has been staring in the previous TVC as well, her experience outshined.
The beautiful décor of the event was according to the refinement and modishness of the moment. The red petal backdrop and good scent in the air made the night a bit more pleasant. The night was sensational as the brand itself and kept the audience awing for more.

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