Look Book Of A Clothing Brand Can Also Be Unique And Creative

GS7Summers are the sign of extreme hot weather but for Pakistan it also marks the beginning of Lawn Festival. The billboards are plastered with posters all across the cities and TV channels are flooded with commercials. Each year new players enter this already saturated industry, with hopes to shine and taste the glamour. The competition becomes a lot more interesting with new entrants challenging the seasoned players.
Price, quality of the fabric and brand name do play a role to make a sale but these days marketing is considered the most important one. In this already crowded market, a company or brand needs that edge to turn the competition in their favor. This year we had witnessed some of the best marketing campaigns by brands but there is one name that stood out of the crowd Khaddi, a brand that made its name not only across Pakistan but also across the globe. The campaign caught our eye on the first look and compelled us to trace back to the creative team behind it.
Not so surprisingly it was Team Guddu Shani who had taken over the campaign for Khaadi this year. With simple yet bright colored backdrops and elegant designs made a difference among the traditional fashion shoots. But the real magic started with the fashion guide, “Khaddi Pret Style Guide”. The guide features three types of clothing categories Formal, Semi Formal and Casual.
This guide is unlike the typical lookbooks published by designers, what makes it different is that it takes the international fashion forecasts and blended them with the local fashion products. This is the first time that Pakistani clothes have been styled in a contemporary yet modern way. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is that each outfit has been styled in various different ways, giving the customers options to suit their personality and taste. To top it up, the outfits have been paired with the brand’s accessories, shoes and bags.
The brilliant minds behind this campaign have set the bar up high, one which would not be easy to cross over. This campaign of Guddu Shani, not only set up a new trend in the fashion industry but also opened up the doors for other marketing companies to come up with new ways to market their products.

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