Komal Rizvi Launched Her New Music Video " Tu Beh Gaya " On Valentine's Day

Komal Rizvis new song and music video called “Tu Beh Gaya”, a love rock-fusion ballad, was launched on Valentine’s Day 2015.
It is an abstract artsy video which depicts a very deep love lost by a person at some point in their life in their earlier years. Of how one may try to deal with this enormous emotional hurt in various ways… and they feel their life is always kind of in slow motion… like a beautiful white horse galloping in circles again and again… Of how one tends to open various doors in their life in an effort to “deal” with their hurtful past but somehow it come back time and time again… until one day, with age, time, and maturity… one FINALLY learns to accept it and break free, like a riding atop an exhilarating motorbike, into the wave of mental and emotional freedom.
Making his Directorial debut in the field of Music Videos is the most talented and amazing Azaan Sami Khan along with Zeba Bakhtiar’s production team. On the camera we have the supreme Mo Azmi who is jokingly called ‘Atom Bomb” in the industry.
Make-up was done by the talented Beenish Pervez the clothes and styling was fabulously executed by the fashion pioneering legend Maheen Khan. Last but not least Komal’s good looking and most skillful personality Ali Kazmi! The song itself was produced by Saad Sultan, written by our Indian lyricist ANil Jeengar, and vocals were recorded at Saad Hayat’s studio.
Contemporary Choreography was made and taught by Hasan Rizvi and his fantastic BBRC Team…. And everyone knows that along with dance genres like Bhangra, bollywood, hip hop, Hasan also is the leader in Contemporary choreography!
The rest of the credits are as follows: 2nd unit DP: Yasir Khan
Production Designers: Nida Khan and Khurram Syed Sets: Aqeel-Ur-Rehman (set-act)
Produced by: Faiz Muhammad Zardari
Locations: The Commune Artist Colony & Khalikdina Hall and library
Equipment: Analog Motion Picture gear, Popa Lighting, Game over Productions and LCG

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