KFC Zingeratha- Offering The Best Of Zinger And Paratha In One!

KFC Zingeratha- Offering The Best Of Zinger And Paratha In One!

It’s not only pregnant women who get food cravings. If you don’t believe this, try asking yourself this question when you’re hunting for something to eat at 1 am in the night and the fridge doesn’t offer you what your stomach desires.

Sometimes you want something different, something that’s desi and yet not entirely. You crave for a different flavor in a meal that fills you up and satisfies your taste buds.

And now, catering to that very craving, KFC has introduced its latest, Zingeratha.


Keeping true to its tradition of bringing finger-lickin’ good recipes to cater Pakistanis and offering the best fusion of a zinger and a paratha, the new Zingeratha is what you ought to try when you want to taste the exotic flavors of a KFC zinger but are skeptical about a bun. It’s filling, it’s mouthwatering and it’ll be your new favorite. Try it to believe it..

With the Zingeratha, KFC has ensured that its finger-lickin’ good recipe meets desi flavors in a roll, something, we Pakistanis love to enjoy, no matter the hour. Offering the best of both worlds, Zingeratha brings you Colonel’s iconic zinger recipe with the wholesomeness of a paratha, a full meal you’d love to enjoy.

Since 1997, KFC has been making its place in the hearts of Pakistanis. Being one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country, KFC has always been a go-to place for many over the years. Introducing the juiciest chicken and zingers in town, KFC has kept its promise of quality and flavor to Pakistanis for years and continues to do so.


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