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Kahay Dil Jidhar - movie review

Kahay Dil Jidhar stars the debuting Junaid Khan, the talented Mansha Pasha, Roma Micheal, Sajid Hassan, Atiqa Odhoa, Kabir Bari and more. The film is a glossy, glamour pack of music, drama, fun and emotion along with a message to stop drug abuse.

Pros –

Junaid Khan and Mansha Pasha have chemistry we love on screen.The performances are edgy and very promising. The story is quick, easy to grab and relatable to the current era.

Unlike any other cop movie, some drama, emotion and romance is apart of the film.

A few songs are worth the repeat list!

Cons –

The film consists of 8 songs, very musical for a film with such a strong message.

The glitz and glam makes the message go on a back foot but is not as bad.

Some parts of the screen writing need improvement and dialogues could have been more catchy!

Kahay Dil Jidhar is a satisfying watch, the film keeps you entertained throughout and has elements of suspense, trill and emotional attachments. Junaid Khan as a bad-ass cop is a good aura, Pasha and Michael along with Vetern Sajid Hassan do a good addition to the film’s storyline. The supporting casts are well incorporated and hence leads a balanced screenplay.

We give it a good 3 out 5.!

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