KHALIQ’S fashion brand launched their outlet in ZAMZAMA the fashion corridor of Karachi with self-expressive fashion brand who’s each beautiful creation had a story to tell.
The brand KHALIQ’S has become a popular name amongst women of all age group. Keeping in view a strong cultural heritage that demonstrates an Eastern woman is traditional, pure and should represent simplicity. KHALIQ’S brand fashion philosophy is simple; dreamy, ethereal, wearable fashion, luxury and a tradition wear, bringing sheer creativity into play, the eastern look is expertly amalgamated with modernity with a focus on good cuts, eye-catching embellishments and uses finer quality fabrics.
KHALIQ’S embodies the true spirit of a women; who is accomplished, exquisite, proactive yet simple. Contemporary cosmopolitan flair! While using your own unique ever and you can change the modern sensibility. It has a royal look that puts you in a flash back of MUGHAL era where the ladies of the MAHALS and females of DARBARIES use to grab themselves with silk, pearls and used to wear PESHWAZ, CHORIDARS and YALEKS (long under-tunic reaching to the floor) The brand product ranges includes exclusive BRIDAL collection, COUTURE, semi formal and formal prêt wear.
The glamorous fashion presentation of KHALIQ’S 12 outfits comprising of bridal and formal wear was at the launch. The top notch models featured such as AYYAN ALI, SAIMA AZHER, SHARISH BUKHARI, ABEER ALI and FALAK. The creations was applauded by guests and celebrities
The launch event was organized by TAKE II, choreographed by NABEEL SHAUKAT, hair make-up & styling by SABAANSARI@SABS. The evening was attended by top designers, celebrities, media & socialites  


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