It’s not every year we see two biggies with two superstars releasing on Diwali. The last time this phenomena occurred was back in 2000, with Shah Rukh Khan’s Mohabbatein battling it out with the just-become superstar Hrithik Roshan in Mission Kashmir.

So now the tussle between Yashraj’s epic romance Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Ajay Devgn’s comical entertainer Son of Sardaar begins, and everyone is eager to know the numbers after Day 1. The films have been prepping for battle for some time now, with the internal tussle in terms of screen booking and occupancy and also in terms of publicity, but nowadays it’s all about numbers, and here’s the lowdown.

There is stiff competition between both the films as they are highly anticipated and with a stellar cast. But despite this, both the films have opened well at the box office. Jab Tak Hai Jaan has released across 2600 screens, while Son Of Sardaar has opened in 2000 screens, leaving both film ample oppurtunity to entertain the audience. Additionally, the after 4 screenings of both films suffered on Day 1 due to the Diwali proceedings.
Son of Sardaar – The film has had the best opening in the Northern Territories like Delhi/UP, East Punjab and Rajasthan. In contrast, the opening has been poor in the South and in West Bengal, where Shah Rukh is a relatively bigger name. Overall, the film is enjoying excellent runs in Delhi/UP, East Punjab and Rajasthan, Good in Gujarat, Bihar and Central India and below average to poor in the rest of India.
Jab Tak Hai Jaan – The film has had a BUMPER opening, thanks to strong publicity and hype around it. In some centres the film has seen 100% occupancy on Day 1, a rarity these days. Most multiplexes have had House Full boards outside and advance booking was massive. At most centres, it has had a high 70-80% occupancy. Overall, JTHJ has had excellent numbers in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Bengal, Central India, Rajasthan, Andhra and Mysore with good opening in the rest.
Initial reports show that at the end of the day, jab Tak Hai Jaan has garnered 14 crore nett and about 8 crore nett from Son of Sardaar, with the former having the lead on initial buzz and collections.
Both the films will face their real test on Wednesday, 14th November as the record advance booking is for this day, and then the rest of the week till the end of the weekend, as the festivities are over and people will venture out to watch their choice, some even both. By Sunday, the real numbers should be in and we shall know who has emerged the real winner. In this case though, as both films seem to be doing pretty well, it might be a close fight, if at all any fight and experts believe both films have the potential to enter the elite 100 crore club.

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