There is no denying that when it is a Bond film, expectations naturally soar sky-high! With such a heavy baggage of anticipations, chances are the film might not live up to all the hoopla! However,Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond, Skyfall, is not only awesome, but is perhaps one of the best Bond films the franchise has ever produced!

Right from the word go, Skyfall captures your attention! In keeping with the franchise’s history, the film starts with an intense chase sequence. However, this is perhaps the first time that the result is not in favour of 007. Shot dead erroneously, Bond returns from the death bed! As he had revealed in the trailer too, his hobby is resurrection!

Skyfall sees James Bond deal with his toughest assignment to date! A drive containing the names of all undercover NATO agents has been stolen and been made public! Not to mention, M’s (Judi Dench) past comes back to haunt her; and all MI 6’s computer systems are hacked! Bond now must take charge and prove his loyalty to M! Without giving away too much, though the story of Skyfall is predictable, the film is unmistakably unique and different than the earlier Bond films! 

What is notable is the high humour quotient! Not that the previous Bond films did not offer you a few laughs here and there, Skyfall, with its dry wit, keeps you relaxed midst all the draining thrill and action! 

Speaking of performances, Daniel Craig as James Bond is simply remarkable! While one doesn’t need to mention with what elan he has played 007 in the past, Skyfall will arguably make him the best James Bond ever for many! You just can’t take your eyes off him when he dons that tuxedo, with that notable Bond music being played in the background! 

Judi Dench, as M, is as always notable. Of all the Bond films featuring Craig,Sk
 is where she gets the maximum screen time! What must not be missed is the love-hate relationship between her and Bond! While they certainly do not heap praise on each other with flowery words, you sense how tenuously attached the two are! The chemistry between the two is what will makeSkyfall memorable.

The Bond girl Berenice Marlohe sets the screen on fire with her small yet effective act! Though she and Bond share a juicy kiss for just a couple of seconds or so, it is one of the sexiest moments of the film! 

What we certainly cannot escape mentioning is Javier Bardem’s act as the film’s antagonist Silva. Bardem’s portrayal of Silva is what makes Skyfall stand out of the previous Bond films. Methinks Silva is to the Bond series what Joker is to the Batman series: an unapologetic psycho villain (the only difference being that Joker is straight)! Dotted with a quirky sense of humour, the interaction between Silva and Bond is the highlight of the film! If nothing else, Javier Bardem has managed to etch his name in the Bond series as perhaps the best villain of this franchise!

Director Sam Mendes deserves a standing ovation, really! He makes sure the cinegoers enjoy every bit of Skyfall. Even the minutest of things like rolling the credits out at the start of the film have been dealt with precision! It is his approach that gives a whole new outlook to this Bond film and takes the franchise to a new level! 

Everything works in favour of Skyfall, making it the best Bond film to date! Be it Daniel Craig as James Bond, Javier Bardem as the baddie, or even Adele’s theme song, Skyfall is unmissable! We give it 4 stars out of 5 and highly recommend you to watch this film! 

Final verdict: 4 stars out of 5.

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