Ishrat Made in China Releases in Pakistani Cinemas

Ishrat Made In China release In Pakistan

There was a time when Pakistani cinema was nothing but a joke, even Pakistani people mostly chose to avoid it. But not long ago, especially after 2010, a new era dawned in the film industry, and it was quickly followed by a number of new names who wanted to serve Pakistani cinema and help revive it.

Ishrat Made in China is another such film, produced by Eleven Eleven films and directed by Mohib Mirza. The cast of the film includes big names such as Sara Loren, Sanam Saeed, and Ali Kazmi.

Pakistani media has been all abuzz with the discussions of the film and finally, it is now released today i.e. March 3rd, 2022. Unfortunately, so far it has met with mixed reviews but time would tell if this film would go on to become a chart-topper or stay at the bottom.

On March 2nd a premier event for the film Ishrat Made in China also took place at Nueplex Cinema. It was a rather bright night as the stellar cast of the movie illuminated the red carpet.

The industry elites included Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, HSY, Sara Loren, Feroze Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, Nayyer Ejaz, Shabbir Jan, Mustafa Chaudhry, Mani, Ali Kazmi, and Imam Syed.

Ishrat Made in China is a debut movie directed by Mohib Mirza and is a Romantic Comedy (Personal opinion, there are too many of those in our cinema already). Although the premise is not fresh, what it does bring is a new story.

The movie weaves together the events of a washout student named Ishrat who earns his bread in an unusual way, by winning donkey cart races. Ishrat is spotted by Jee, a Chinese journalist, during one of the donkey cart races and he offers him to come to China along with him and participate in Donkey Care Race in China where he can win 1 million Yuan.

As is usually the case in these movies, the donkey cart race is not simply a race but has heavy undertones of corruption and criminal activities. Eventually, Ishrat is caught in all the muck and gets his life in mortal peril. The story celebrates the idea of being unique and following one’s own heart.

Due to its very common story, it was met with a tepid reaction by some viewers. However, few others praised its cinematography and the daring steps that it took being a debut film. Ishrat Made in China took four years to produce and is claimed to be “a full paisa vasool film”, whether this claim becomes the truth or not would slowly unravel now that the movie has been released nationwide.


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