Infinix's flagship duo to shakeup mobile industry

x555-profile_en_latinInfinix has yet another astonishing handset releasing within the market, this time in a series of two, Zero4 and Zero4 Plus. With tech freaks awaiting the launch it is to be said the Zero4 and Zero4 Plus will have the most hi-tec photography experience like never before in any infinix mobile handset. The camera and software quality will have almost every phone lover awing over the new Zero range.
The software of both the Zero4 and the Zero4 Plus is Android Marshmallow combined with XOS. The self developed UI of Infinix mobile. The PRO feeling is because of the solid software which can create multiple touch function along with great visual quality. The screen is crystal and when we first saw the Zero4 things got shaky as the sleek body and curve design had many jaws dropped.
The Zero4 is equipped with a heavy duty 16 megapixel camera in the rear and a fabulous 8 megapixel camera in the front. Both the cameras are accompanied by true tone flash for a better light. That means awesome pictures and awesome-est selfies which will make the heart skip a beat.
The Zero4 Plus is the grand daddy of them all, with a Rear Camera of A Whopping 20 Mega Pixel with the largest aperture possible in an Android Phone.  And the 13 Mega Pixel Camera in the front for a divine selfie experience. The high performing processor 32GB ROM and 4GB RAM the ZERO4 Plus is a monster.
To Add some more spice, both the new ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus are equipped with Optical Image Stabilization. The video and image quality will be so smooth and sharp it will be unbelievable for most people to think a phone can work so magnificently as a camera. With 4x Sharper Zoom and Laser Auto Focus the reflection, light balance and macro photographic experience will lead to new heights. The lens in both are flexible with the large 2.0 focal length. The infrared detectors shall lead to some brilliant selfies and videos.
Zero4 and Zero4 Plus will give you No More Shakes, No More Blurs and No More Retake, Just Amazing Crisp Pictures, Videos and Crystal clear Selfies which will make everyone a fan. The New Range of Infinix is not a phone it’s a professional monster that will create your picture story, which will make the right buzz. Groom yourself to own the best and the hottest of the season is ZERO4 and ZERO4 Plus.

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