Infinix Launches it’s Brand New Range Of HOT Phones

In a world of smart phones and the fast pace of technology we have seen the rise of various new brands launching different kinds of cell phones. In Pakistan, we have seen a variety of cellular evolution, and in this evolution we have found smarter more user friendly cellular devices. These are not only beautiful to look at but also more attractive in usage.. A name that has caused mayhem currently in the Pakistani Mobile Market is Infinix.

Infinix Mobility has launched with a bang in the market and has developed a huge buzz. With it’s sleek, slim looking body and great user interface the company has definitely made its presence felt over the past few months. Infinix has reached out to the market and researched to provide the best smartphone experience to all of us.. What’s new? Infinix Hot S with Nosie Cancelling Earphones…
The new Infinix Hot S is a piece to die for, with is vibrant 5.2 inch display and a power pack 3000 mAH battery life that can last 24 hours smoothly for an average smart phone user the phone is HOT to even look at… the stylish design is a style statement indeed. The Phone was launched with a great hype and gossip over social media regarding whether its going to be the most “innovative” phone by the Infinix company or not.. Living upto the hype, the HOT S is a must have.
Infinix held its HOT S launch event at Marriott Hotel Karachi on 28th July 2016.. The event was anticipated to see the revealing of the phone, the tagline “All Eyes On Me” suited the phone as it was an amazing creation by the company.. The Star of Event shinned among the crowd and captured variety of eye balls. Hot S captured us  with its awesome features the 8MP Camera with 120 degree range of selfies is a win-win along with the new customer feedback push button and yes the much awaited fingerprint sensor for protection and security..
Infinix also launched in Pakistan for the first time, Noise cancelling earphone (XE02)  which guarantee you will hear nothing but just your favourite music.. The ear phones are good to look at and with a push can cancel all the world’s noises except for those that you actually want to hear.. Another feature launched by the infinix is their very own Android User Interface called XOS, likely similar to its forerunner (XUI) it offers power efficiency and smooth user experience. XOS comes with some appealing lustrous features such as Magic Movie. Edit, filter or just trim your videos.
XOS has envoled enhanced security like Xhide; this can help you to hide certain apps, contact, messages and other personal items or applications. As like Blending or sharing content between Infinix phones is in addition made easy via Xshare, this feature does not require any network connection to work.
So, the new HOT S has All Eyes On IT because its loaded with Features Like no other, it’s impacting, its beautiful and its just 16,800 rupees which is remarkable.. Infinix has set the benchmark and now we are just going gaga over the new Infinix Hot S..

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